How can bad plumbing sink your house?

One of the most important is when the house sinks, which makes it a time bomb that can fall or fall alone at any time.

How does a bad plumbing sink my house?
Believe it or not, all of the world’s water supply comes from underground countries. From there comes untouched virgin water. Well, clean virgin water is rare nowadays, and even virgin tap water is routinely cleaned and treated against bacteria, but the fact is that most of the water that comes out of all the taps comes from underground soil.

Small pipes connect each tap, shower or hose to larger pipes that connect to larger ones that all connect in a giant treated water reservoir. A similar structure is mapped to drains, sinks, toilets and others to collect dirty or used water in a separate facility that will take care of the series of filters and cleaners. After treatment, it will be placed back into the reservoir, where the pipeline network will conduct clean water to the homes. It is a cycle very similar to the way blood circulates in the human body.

When there is a leak in the plumbing of a house or building, however, some of that water can flow out, drip or even flow through the ground layers – the very soil on which the house or building sits. If it went unnoticed, the leak could soak the foundation for years – perhaps even around the same time the building was built. Even a slow runoff could transform the hard soil into a soft swamp if it remained exuded for many years.

Lower foundations, cracked and perforated walls and uneven floors are problems often faced by about 250,000 homeowners each year. Houses located on unstable soil, including clay or sand, settle when their foundations are subjected to conditions of extreme humidity or do not have adequate drainage. Houses built on overcrowded land may be at risk of weakened foundations due to possible air wells in the soil or the composition of the soil itself. Even something as simple as rain flowing from the roof and allowing the water to “swim” can cause a change in the foundation. A change in the foundation can result in structural damage to your home and a significant loss of your largest investment.
The following information will help you determine if your home has fundamental problems, what to look for and why repairing a specialist’s foundation may be the next prudent step. It is always best to deal with the matter directly and hire a specialist who will solve the problem once and for all.

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